Welcome to Top Shop Gas Station and Auto & Marine Service. Please disregard the former name of “Sit-n-Fill” gas station.
Previously known as “Fleming Garage”, since 1931, this repair service center has acquired a reputation for quality work, friendly mechanics, and fair prices.

Top Shop is honored to be given the opportunity to continue this reputation and we promise to meet the standards set before us.

Our shop is still being renovated and supplied but d
on’t let that stop you!
Schedule repairs right now and we will arrange our time to fix your car, boat, snow blower, lawnmower, or any other small engine needs.
Whether you need an oil change or a new engine, transmission repairs or brakes, new tires for the winter, Top Shop will be there when you need us and will work to get your repair done as fast as possible to get you right back on the road!




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